Don’t be too fooled by the headline here folks. It’s not an announcment that Lewis Hamilton is going to the US to race in either IndyCar or – heaven forbid – NASCAR, but his upcoming appearence in the sequel to Disney’s 2006 animated hit, Cars.

With a bit of history racing in the States (he did win the last US Grand Prix in ’07, don’t you know), and a pretty Pussycat Doll on his arm, was there anyone better to promote Formula One?

Many of our avid readers may have caught a glimpse of Hamilton’s cartoon self in Badger’s gossip column POP a few weeks ago, and with the film slated for a release of June 24th, a video has been leaked to the Sett to share!

Check out the cheeky grin complete with a gap in his front teeth!

Lewis seemed very excited about all this as well. His tweets on matter prove it:

“Hey guys, big news — I’m going to be in @DisneyPixar’s #Cars2! Take a look at my car…This is wicked;)” – 28/3/11

“Carks 2 is going to be so kool. I recorded my lines in LA, was an amazin day. I stood n recorded in the exact spot Tom Hanks did for” – 29/3/11

It’s not clear exactly what role Hamilton is going to play in Cars 2. With the racing now going global, and original Cars star Lightning McQueen in the hunt, does Lewis have what it takes to compete? We guess we’ll all find out on June 24th!