As you will come to expect by now, with there being a grand prix on this weekend, Badger’s here with our rather unique guide to the race tracks of the world.

Here’s our guide to Hockenheim – the rather quick playground for the drivers to battle it out in round 11 of the 2010 championship!

As ever, our Fantasy GP game is running for the event, so don’t forget to make your predictions before qualifying begins on Saturday.

Will Vettel and Webber be fighting it out for number one status (of course both drivers are equal) – can Button take the fight to his ever quicker teammate, and can Ferrari finally turnaround their championship battle. Here at the Sett, we’re convinced Kubica has a win coming this year with Renault, maybe he could spring a surprise here? Of course, with it being the German GP, Mercedes, Schumacher and Rosberg will be looking for a result in front of their home crowd – along with young Vettel. Oooh, it aint half a great season!

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