A thoughtful shot credit: LAT/Autosport

Robert Kubica. One of the most difficult races to pick so far this year. Alonso certainly isn’t worthy of it, Massa disqualified himself by moving over, Vettel went backwards from the start, Hamilton and Button weren’t particularly stellar and Webber carried a problem throughout much of the race.

We suppose, by default, it has to go to Kubica. Again the best of the rest, the general feeling around the paddock is that he’s getting more out of the car than there is to be given. However, it’s somewhat difficult to tell when he’s thoroughly outclassing his team mate at every turn.

He really deserves to be put in a championship winning car, just to have a shot at it. Sadly for him, the McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull drives look to be locked up for next season, if not beyond. The next option, Mercedes, appear to have their driver line up settled for next year barring another Schumacher retirement, which isn’t something Kubica was or should be willing to hang around for.

His best option, Ferrari, went for a man they knew would play second fiddle to Alonso, not something we can see Kubica doing. “Here’s a potentially championship winning car, Robert, but do us a favour and don’t actually win in it, will you? Just get out of the way when His Magnificence Sir Fernando Alonso moans a bit.” No, we can’t see it happening either.

Therefore, we at Badger think he’s done exactly the right thing in committing to Renault and we’d be very surprised if he didn’t have a clause or two in his contract authorising his release should a ‘big’ team come in for him.

Sadly, and it’s very much a reflection of the race we endured at the weekend, there’s not that much more to say.