And so the first race of the 2013 season is done and dusted, but before we look ahead to Malaysia this weekend, let’s look at who was hot and who was not down under in Melbourne.

This is ‘Hot Rod or Hot Dog’ your regular post-race driver analysis column where we pick up on those notable performances and whether they make the driver a Hot Rod (that’s Badger language for ‘good’) or a Hot Dog (yes, that means ‘bad’) and of course remind you of our Top Dog (that’s like a ‘Driver of the Day’ but more fun)

So without further ado – here you go, our Hot Rods are Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa (yes, wow!), Kimi Raikkonen (a given) and Mr Jules Bianchi. For Hot Dogs, we’ve got Mark Webber and the McLaren duo (oh dear). Our Top Dog was of course the massively impressive, Adrian Sutil.

Read on below to see our reasons why for each…