It may not have been a classic race in Shanghai, but it was fairly eventful and we have a list of points to award to driver up and down the field in our regular Hot Rod or Hot Dog Driver Rankings.

First up, we’ve already given TOP DOG to Max Verstappen.  The 2015 rookie was much hyped, his age being the main focus for attention, but today’s race he gave plenty of reason for the hype with plenty of overtakes and some brilliant driving.  Well done lad, that’s 7 points!  5 for TOP DOG and 2 more because we were that impressed.

*ROS_6_01Finishing 2nd in a race isn’t bad. Being part of a team that scored another 1-2 finish is fantastic, but Nico Rosberg still wasn’t happy. He’s clearly not in a good place and decided to go public with his frustrations post-race.  Moaning that Lewis Hamilton ahead of him was slowing down and therefore backing him up towards Vettel in 3rd. Maybe he was, but either way Nico handled it badly, minus 5 points for his whinging.

Jenson Button had an eventful day. His McLaren was quick enough to actually do some racing and he had a couple of battles. The few laps long tussle with Maldonado ended how you’d expect, but it wasn’t Pastor’s fault. Jenson made a rare mistake and plough into the back of Mr Crashalot.  Minus 5 points for that. But Button also gains 5 points for losing that dodgy tash. So overall it’s zero for the Brit.

*MAL_13_01Speaking of Mr Maldonado – did he crash today? Well, yes. He was sent flying by Jenson, but before that he failed to navigate the pit lane entry and looked a bit silly. He also spun all by himself. He did have some good moments too though, so we’ll only knock him 3 points. That’s good for him.

Marcus Ericsson on the other hand gains points for his Chinese GP performance. He battled hard with Daniel Ricciardo and raced well. Yes the Sauber is better than last year, but regardless, Marcus drove well today, exactly what he needed after making a silly mistake last time out in Malaysia.  Good work, + 3 points.

Being able to drive is a prerequisite for being an F1 driver. Regardless if there’s an engineer in your ear on the radio or not. Carlos Sainz admitted he couldn’t though and so that’s -2pts. He also spun when he didn’t need to, so that’s a further -2.

*RAI_7_01And finally, Kimi Raikkonen gets style points for his radio messages, especially when getting animated over the “slow McLarens” in front “getta outta my way” – poor Fernando.  +2 for the Finn.

You can make your own suggestions for drivers to get points (or lose them) via Twitter – simply tweet and mention the #BadgerRankings hashtag along with @BadgerGP. We’ll add our favourites to the Driver Rankings Alternative Championship, yeah!