Self help from Vettel. Courtesy of Red Bull Racing.


We know he didn’t finish, didn’t take home any points and lost ground to Fernando Alonso in the title race. However, he was simply did the best job over the course of the Grand Prix weekend and looked set for victory until his engine went, not to put too fine a point on it, BANG.

Now, we at Badger don’t usually like to give the Top Dog prize to the person who won the race (which Vettel would have done), instead choosing to look for those who drove well but may not have got the immediate recognition they deserved.

Nevertheless, in this instance it’s only fair to give it to Red Bull’s (number one) driver. Quite simply in a league of his own over the course of the weekend, he adapted to the changing conditions with panache – very quick after every restart behind the safety car, no one looked like catching him until his engine expired.

Still, he didn’t have to pass anyone, did he?

Also, we can’t help but feel that if the two drivers’ situations were reversed, Red Bull would be exerting significant pressure on Webber to support his team mate. The fact they’re not speaks to Vettel’s status within the team as their effective number one driver.