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Probably the best driver on the grid not in one of the ‘big four’ teams. He’s been delivering consistently for Renault all season, a fact made all the more impressive with the knowledge that he’s effectively in a one man team. Sorry Vitaly, we believed in you earlier in the season, but we simply don’t now.

His charge during the last few laps really was the highlight of the race. Even though Alonso led from the front and never looked like making a mistake, the sheer ruthlessness with which Kubica surged past the hapless Toro Rossos, Petrov, Massa, Hulkenberg and Sutil put him in a league of his own in Singapore. He even described it as “good fun” – so we’d imagine Robert, so we’d imagine.

All of this makes Ferrari’s decision to sign Felipe Massa up for another couple of years even more bewildering than it looked originally. I mean, we know Alonso doesn’t like competition but even so, why aren’t Ferrari chomping at the bit to get Kubica on board as quickly as possible? He’s quicker than Massa, seems to be able to overtake and looks reassuringly normal. All good points.

Even though it would probably be a lot like sitting on a boiling pot pairing him with Alonso, having two drivers competing at the sharp end of races and capable of winning world championships would, or so we at Badger think anyway, give the team even more to fight for during the season. Yes, it can be tricky to manage two highly competitive drivers, but other teams seem to just about manage it ok (and yes, we’re well aware of high profile examples where it’s all gone wrong…)

All we’re saying is that Kubica definitely deserves a shot at the title in a proven-title winning team and it’d be a travesty if he didn’t get it. Come on Ferrari, sort it out.

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