Cheer up, Fernando - you're the top dog! © 2010 LAT Photographic


Now, let it be known right now that we at Badger (alright, this correspondent in particular) have no great love for Fernando Alonso. We just don’t “get” him.

That said, we recognise he’s a brilliant, brilliant racing driver. Fast, committed and ruthless, he has all the attributes to suggest he’ll add to his tally of world championships with Ferrari, be it this season or in the future.

This weekend, he demonstrated all the things that make him such a valuable commodity. He was fast, obviously, but also very consistent. He knew he had the beating of Button and, when the pit stops rolled around, he put himself in exactly the right place to get past him. Down into the first corner, he moved his car into the ideal place, braked perfectly and shut Button out. Job done.

Perhaps what’s been missing so far this season has been his composure, but he calmly sat behind Button, pushing him but not doing anything stupid. He wasn’t flustered after he lost his lead at the start and kept Massa behind him (not that anything else was going to happen though, obviously).

Ferrari driver. Ferrari fans. Italian Grand Prix. Pole position and race win. It doesn’t get much better than that. Well done, Fernando.

Just don’t ask us to go to the pub with him.