Lewis Hamilton is on the cusp of clinching his 5th World Championship and he could do it as soon as this Sunday at the USA Grand Prix.

He’s clearly a fan of the Circuit of the Americas, with many victories at the Austin based track, in fact he’s won 5 of the F1 races there in the last 6, i.e. since COTA joined the F1 calendar. And if he wins on Sunday with Vettel 3rd or lower he’ll be the 2018 World Champion.

You can check the various permutations of results and how the championship will be decided with our handy guide below. “HAM” indicates he’s champion, otherwise the points shown is the gap between the 2 drivers. With only 3 races left after this weekend, Hamilton will need a 75 points advantage after the USA to be champion. If you’re rooting for Vettel to have the fightback of the decade, the table below shows what sort of miracle the Ferrari driver will need.

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