Perrrenial backmarkers HRT closed their doors for the final time last season, but in a desperate attempt to recoup some of the financial loss of being a Formula One backmarker, some of their chassis have been sold to an auto-recycling company.

After being the subject of a takeover bid from American and Canadian investers Scorpion Racing it seems likely that a team destined for the scrapheap is now there – quite literally.

Teo Martin, the company’s owner, is said to have got his hands on “two 2011 cars, one complete, and a scale model of the 2012 car as well as most of the garage equipment”, according to Reuters, while the other 2011 car will go to Pirelli.

No wonder Jaime Alguersauri was so vocal about not being in F1 – if we’d been given an HRT as a company car, we’d be miffed too.