Some say the race was rather underwhelming, but in our minds an F1 grand prix is never such a thing – it’s 24 insanely light and powerful custom built cars racing bonkersly quick in circles with companies paying millions to have their logos on the wings, yes the cars have wings too.  Anyway, enough of our whacky ways of describing F1 and regardless of how entertaining or not you found the 69laps on Sunday, here’s our collection of photos from the weekend.

It rained lots and it was sunny lots too – Bruno had every eventuality covered.

Maldonado may not have come home with loads of points, but he kept it clean… just.

Schumacher in the pits – he may have well stayed there and played Mario Kart – much more fun that his Sunday.

Charles Pic taught the old (Glock)dog some new tricks with a good run in Hungary.

…and here’s loads more great photographs from the Hungarian GP including some interesting hand gestures from Lewis and family.