So a little while ago we ran a competition known as ‘If I was Bernie…‘ where we asked you, our glorious readers to submit your ideas as to what you would do if in fact you were the big man (metaphorically big that is) and wow, did we get a response, loads of comments on Facebook and mentioned on Twitter with the #ifIwasBernie hashtag as well as comments here on Badger GP.

The range of answers was impressive, but there were some trends too.  Refuelling is a hot topic still, along with making it easier for new teams to establish themselves and keeping the European tracks instead of the Tilke-dromes elsewhere.  Shockingly, (or maybe not so?) many of you want to see the ringmaster of the F1 circus retire… interestingly, no one mentioned who they’d like to see replace the little man though – hmm, maybe that’s another competition on the horizon!

Speaking of competitions, as part of the #ifIwasBernie submissions we offered up the prize of Bernie himself (pictured below) for our favourite entry.  There were some absolute corkers and out of the box ideas as well as some well thought out plans.  One idea that was popular was to encourage more moustaches in F1, but this entry from Willi Gauda, posted in the comments stood out and made us smile and nod more than any other – it’s a poem about what he’d do if he were Bernie and it’s great – enjoy!

No longer the puppet-master Bernie!

If I was Bernie Ecclestone
I’d let all diffusers be blown!
Upon new engines I’d frown.
I’d keep Schumacher on the grid
and earn me a couple extra quid.

If I was Bernie Ecclestone
for my sins I would atone
by giving the Nurburgring a loan;
I’d keep a race in Bahrain
and add sprinklers just for rain.

If I was Bernie Ecclestone
The DRS zone I’d bemoan,
Do the overtake on your own!
With the Pirelli tyres I’d agree
’cause I’d charge for them a higher fee!

If he were to retire, who should replace him?

If I was Bernie Ecclestone
I’d get New Jersey on the phone
tell them what a mess they have done.
To Austin I would cling
and continue cashing in.

If I was Bernie Ecclestone
The one thing I would get done
is to get myself a clone,
Then I’d never be overthrown
from my fabulous Formula 1 throne!