Does absence make the heart grow fonder? We haven’t seen Jacques Villeneuve behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car since 2006, but today it has been announced that he is having a ‘seat fitting’ for… Stefan GP! Stumbling block No 1: Stefan GP don’t have a place on the grid for 2010. Stumbling block No 2: this is, er, Jacques Villeneuve we’re talking about, not Michael Schumacher.

Jacques has been prowling around the paddock for some time now in the hope of getting re-hired. Here he is back in July trying to impress Mercedes man Norbert Haug, but unfortunately for Jacques they hired his arch nemesis of yesteryear, Michael Schumacher. Ouch. Read all you need to know about Jacques by clicking here.

Would you like to see Jacques back in Formula 1? It’ll certainly make for a colourful grid: there will be more former World Champions than you could shake a stick at! Though Jacques had better ditch the geek grandad glasses before he ‘returns’. Not a good look in our books.