Continuing on the with our INSTA-BANNED articles after visiting 1993 and a Williams with no gears, our next example actually did make it to a race weekend – but only lasted for a brief moment.

Monaco has always been a low speed, maximum downforce circuit. So when the teams rocked up for the 2001 Monaco Grand Prix, it seemed that Jordan and Arrows took the maximum downforce idea to the, erm, max.

During Free Practice both cars featured rather ungainly aerodynamic winglets to try and get as much downforce onto the car as possible round the tight and twisty circuit. From a spectators viewpoint it would appear that these wings seemed more at home to the trial-and-error 1960s F1 era of aerodynamics.

The winglets also substantially reduced the drivers vision, as well as being a potential hazard if the winglets were to come loose or the cars became involved in an accident – something that is more likely than at any other circuit!

Both teams were ordered to remove them after Free Practice. Full marks for ingenuity though.