With the three week gap between China and Turkey, you may be looking for ways to satisfy your F1 fix, of course you can rely on Badger to keep you entertained – we’ve got loads coming including our full GP2 season preview, an awesome Red Bull/Casio competition, more GP2 stuff, Indycar coverage, the F1 news, POP, Scrutineering Bay, Badgerometers, and an interview with an ex-F1 driver …plus loads more!

But besides Badger, we thought we’d share with you some of the other superb F1-related sites out there on t’interweb.  There’s plenty, that’s for sure, but here’s some of our current favourites:


Yes it really is called that and it’s great because it covers everything apart from the racing and news about F1, instead it’s purely for the fun, ridiculous and downright bonkers side of Formula One.  It won’t fail to make you chuckle and it’s so good that we often have to feature it in our Thursday Grand Prix POP (Podium or Pits) Column.  Read and enjoy WTF1.co.uk here


This blog isn’t purely F1, in fact it’s covered everything from voting in Scotland, intelligent dancing and his argument for why filling up your car with petrol is like using Teletext (yes, really), but with ‘Vee’ being an F1 fa too, there plenty of superbly written pieces about the sport, recently looking at the issues at Williams, Hamilton’s weaknesses and the 2011 F1 midfield teams.  Read all his F1 related articles here

Motorsport Musings

A wonderful title for a blog, complete with wonderful articles, all written by ‘Dank’ which are, as he puts it simply ‘musings of a motorsport fan which are original, opinion based and cover everything from F1 to Le Mans to NASCAR and everything in between.  It’s a top read and never disappoints – enjoy Motorsport Musings here.


There’s been a recent flurry of ‘e-zines’ from teams and they’re all well worth a read, our current favourites are Ignition (Williams – go to the home page and click the link on the right) and Team Lotus Notes (Team Lotus of course!).   The Virgin Racing website is also particularly good and McLaren‘s has had a redesign, which once you’ve got your head around, has some great articles.

Elsewhere on Badger:


If that’s not enough for you, here’s a list of loads of other great sites for you to enjoy, but do keep coming back to Badger of course! – Racecar Engineering – AnF1blog – SidePodCast – F1Fanatic – Vanquish – VivaF1 – Formula1Blog – F1 Times – Official F1.com – Grand Prix Diary – Sniff Petrol – Unlap (shop) – James Allen’s Blog – (there’s plenty more too!)