If you’re anything like us here at Badger GP, you’ll know that waiting for Formula One to return from its enforced summer break can be tough. Well, not as tough as giving up smoking or trying to stick to a diet, but tough nonetheless.

But fear not, because we in the Sett have come up with a solution. One that all of YOU, F1 fans of all size and age, can get involved in!

We simply asking the question – wouldn’t it be good to watch a classic Grand Prix with all the modern-day trimmings us fans have become accustomed to? Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing this Thursday, August 7th.

At 8pm BST, we will start watching the 1985 European Grand Prix all the way through on a popular video hosting website.

All you’ll need to do is click play on the link below, at exactly 8pm, to join in with all the fun! Throughout the whole race, using the @BadgerGP Twitter account, we will live tweet the race as it unfolds, from first lap to last, using the hashtag #RetroGP.


Want to share your knowledge of mid-eighties racing? Or join in with like-minded fans? Or just watch a race in general? Well, you’re all invited to watch along!

Join us on Thursday, August 7th, 8pm BST, for all the fun!