As the cold, dark nights draw in, we find ourselves wanting an escape from the winter blues. Add in the thought of no racing until March and it feels like the start of the next season is a million miles away. It’s the perfect time for a distraction and to start planning our summer vacations.

Now what would you say if there was a way you could mix your annual motorsport holiday with beach days and some well-deserved sun? Several travel companies offer packages to races in Monaco, Singapore and Abu Dhabi with extra days before or after the race weekend to relax on board a cruise ship.

Well how about going one better. An F1 themed cruise! How does embarking on a week-long cruise with your F1 Family sound? Imagine themed parties, special guests, competitions and so much more.

Themed cruises have been very popular over the last few years, with new ideas coming up all the time. You may have already heard about the Disney Cruises, KISS Kruise and even the Backstreet Boys cruise. It’s a great way for fans to get together and share an incredible holiday experience. But surely it’s about time we had our own cruise dedicated to our love for Formula 1?!

The perfect location for this would be onboard the recently launched Norweigen Joy. This ship currently doesn’t offer the ideal route in the Mediterranean, but we would love to see it happen. With stops in Monaco and Barcelona, this has the potential to be the trip of lifetime. Here’s just a sample of what the cruise could offer fans.


Karting on the upper deck

Do you think you’re the next Lewis Hamilton? The Norweigen Joy has recently launched its own 2 level race track on the upper deck. As we all know, the European weather can be a little unpredictable, so if the race is red flagged due to the rain, head on inside to the galaxy pavilion, where we have race simulators set up. Race against your friends and claim victory, the full podium experience awaits with national anthem, flags and of course a little champagne.

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Outdoor Cinema

Grab the popcorn and relax watching your favourite movies on our outdoor cinema screen. We’ve got you covered with showings of Rush and the Williams and McLaren movies. We also can’t forget the younger petrol heads, we have day time showings of all three Cars movies. We’ll also be showing repeats of the some of the most dramatic races from the last 10 years including an emotional ending to the Brazilian GP in 2008, a very damp, action packed Canada in 2011 and more recently 2017’s drama filled races in Baku and Singapore.

Karaoke with Kimi

Okay, so we may not be able to get the Finn to attend this one, but grab the beers, some buddies and a microphone and you’ve got the makings of the perfect party. This ship has eight private karaoke rooms available for groups of 4 to 8 people.

An evening with…

Enjoy stories and readings from a surprise guest. Enjoy an intimate evening with a glass of bubbly and the author of one motorsports latest autobiographies.


#F1Family fortunes

Gather your team and play our version of the hit TV show. Do you think you could name 5 places Fernando would rather be? Or could you name the top 5 phrases used by drivers? For Sure! Then come on down to the theatre to play.

Are you smarter than an F1 driver?

Did you achieve straight A’s in school, or did you see yourself going down another track, dreaming about cars? Test yourself against one of our special guests to see if you can beat them in subjects such as Languages, History and Mathematics.

Scavenger hunt

For your chance to win a meet and greet with one of our special guests get ready to solve the hidden clues. This journey will take you on a tour of the ship searching far and wide for the golden ticket. Here is the first clue; Travel up along the long straight at Beau Rivage before reaching the left turn at Massenet. Follow the track round and you’ll come across one of the most famous views in F1… Find this location on board for the next clue…

Scalextric racing

Try out this well loved classic, competing against others on a selection of miniature tracks which have been carefully built for this cruise. Take a trip around Silverstone or through the park in Monza.

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Themed parties

Mad hatters tea party

A hat is an essential when attending a race, and a great way to show your teams colours. Now we’d like to think outside of the box, think replica cars, working DRS and even shoeys. Need inspiration? Well, the Japanese fans have you covered. Their fans go all out every year, designing some of the most incredible hats you’ll ever see.

A night in Monaco

Everyone loves an excuse to dress up and this is your chance. Glam up and get ready for a night on the town. Dress like a millionaire and gamble the night away in our casino. Or relax by the piano bar and have our waiting staff to come to you, serving our cocktail specials and canapes.

There’s no place like home – We’d love to see where our guests are from. Celebrate your heritage with flags, traditional costume or even dress up as a famous character from your nation. We want to see the likes of Harry Potter, Britney Spears and Albert Einstein all together on the dance floor showing us their best moves. DJs will be spinning everyone’s favourite racing tracks until late.

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Food and drink

Try one of the special ‘Timo Glocktails’ –

  • Sneaky Perez
  • Russian Spring Torpedo
  • Bloody Massa
  • Strolltini
  • Flaming Ferrari

Fancy a snack? We have the perfect menu for you featuring –

  • Vettel Chips
  • Force Indian snack selection including Ocon Bahjis and spicy checopea samosas
  • Pasta Maldonado
  • Double cheese burger with tomato, relish and Rosberg lettuce
  • Stoffel’s Waffles with a Belgian Chocolate fudge sauce

What do you think?

Is there an activity you would like to add to the list? Do you have a costume idea for one of the parties, or is there a cocktail you’d like to try? Although this isn’t a vacation that can currently be booked, we’d still love to hear your suggestions on our Facebook page or on Twitter using the hashtag #F1Cruise