Felipe prepares to race in Malaysia - credit: FelipeMassa.com
Photo: felipemassa.com
We”ll put you on the spot; when you saw Sebastian Vettel leading Felipe Massa, who was being tailed by his teammate Fernando Alonso, what did you think would happen next?

Well, we were with you – Fernando would pass and attempt to catch Seb, but the Red Bull would pull away. It’s a familiar scenario we’ve seen in the past, yet on Sunday we didn’t get it at all.

Felipe began to catch Vettel after DRS was enabled, and held his own against his fellow Ferrari man, bucking the trend we were all expecting.

While the podium never materialised for the Brazilian, his race weekend was full of promise for 2013 – started ahead of his Spanish teammate, got a stronger position from the start, held his own in the lead and only missed out on a podium thanks to better tyre usage from Lotus and an alternative strategy from Force India holding him up.

If only he could stop Rob Smedley telling him off every now and then…