Here are some more delightful F1 related gifts for your F1 fan friends and family.  If you’ve found anything amazing, shocking, or utterly brilliant then share it in the comments below and we’ll compile Badger’s super list of Christmas presents… More Christmas Shopping Guides are here and here

Trulli Good Wine?

Jarno Trulli’s wine – we quite fancy having some here in the Sett to help with writing our off-season pieces and we’re pretty sure that any F1 fan would find a bottle of truly good wine to be an excellent present.   The ex-Toyota driver has his own vineyard in Italy and produces his own wine, which is now for sale in the UK and most of the world.  Averys Wine Merchants of Bristol import the wine for the UK and you can order a bottle or a case online here.  It’s not radically overpriced at all with bottles being generally less than £10.  (taken from Badger’s guide to Father’s Day presents, more here)

Menu-LamboA driving experience day at Silverstone is a sure winner for anyone who feels like buying that special someone a special present.  There are plenty of such offerings out there, but with Silverstone being the true home of the British Grand Prix, we can’t see anywhere else better to have a drive around.  They offer everything from fast supercars to single seaters and even skid control driving experiences – bloomin’ brilliant.  More information here: Silverstone Experiences

Screen shot 2009-11-27 at 12.57.42In one of the previous Christmas Shopping guides we mentioned the bonkers amount of cash you can blow on stuff in the Ferrari store with everything from socks to kids toys, brief cases and after shave being emblazoned with a prancing horse.  Well it seems the Italian lot aren’t the only culprits because the “F1” brand do similar thing in their shop.  Our favourite item is their ‘gift set’ or, more precisely their ‘body spray, mug and keyring gift set’ – what a combination!  If you don’t like someone and they happen to like F1 (and you need to buy them a present) – look no further: See it here.

Screen shot 2009-11-27 at 13.11.37One of our more silly suggestions is that you visit Race Cars Direct where you could by an F1 fan their very own F1 car – there are quite a few old F1 cars, even a couple of 90s Ferrari cars.

The cost is high but if you’ve got the cash and the space, it would make for a dinner party ice-breaker.

Imagine that if you were on ‘Come dine with me’ – 1o points for a victory guaranteed.

bookreadingIt’s an obvious, but always a winner of an idea – books and DVDs.  There are hundreds of F1 books on the shelves of your high street book stores and the famous online one that sounds like a rain forest.  So many in fact, that choosing a book can be tricky if you don’t know your Buttons from your Hills.  To help out, Badger’s very own Riccardo Monza has reviewed four of his current favourite F1/motorsport books – you car read them here – Book Reviews – a sure fire winner of a present.

f1soundsWhile we’re on the subject of media, this shopping list wouldn’t be a shopping list if we didn’t mention a popular CD called “F1 Sounds” – don’t worry, it’s not Jacques Villeneuve’s second album – it’s actually exactly what it says on the tin, i.e. a CD of F1 sounds – mainly car engines, cars going around corners, down straights, in the pits and so on.  If we had a gold star for Badger’s most f1 geek friendly present this would be it!  It’s also ideal for a joke present if you’re stuck and fancy a chuckle on crimbo day.  It’s tricky to track down, if you can find a stockist let us know in the comments.

And finally, to wrap Badger’s Christmas Shopping Series, we have these final items – the BrawnGP toaster and BrawnGP iron.  Sadly, these are (very impressive) CAD mock ups and not actually real.  Maybe if you ask Father Christmas, he may be able to help.  The mock ups are made by a chap called Chris LaBrooy (check his portfolio here) and well, we were so impressed here at the Sett that we had to share them with you all.


So that’s it – we hope you all give and receive some lovely gifts this Christmas, keep checking in with Badger because we’re not going anywhere and have a month of festivities here on

If you do buy and of these items or any of the ones from our previous lists, do let us know how they go down, esp. if someone buys the F1 body spray – oh dear.