The 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix may – or may not be – the last race in Jenson Button’s long and decorated career in F1. He said in the Thursday press conference he was going to treat it that way, so the celebrations were bound to go on through the night in Yas Marina.

Only, with his race finishing early thanks to broken front suspension, the party pretty much started as soon as Button got out the car. Stating in the press pit after just 12 laps on track that “he could start early”, by the time he was found to be interviewed after the battle for the championship, the Brit had probably had a couple of glasses of bubbly already.

With press commitments out of the way and team debriefing done, the alcohol might have flowed a bit too much. The next time we saw Jenson and his entourage, it was a few hours later at the start of Ted Kravitz’s final race Notebook of the year. And Button was in a playful mood;

By then you’d think Jenson would disappear into the Abu Dhabi night ready for fun and frivolity, ready for stories of any drunken debauchery that will move through the paddock like a gust of wind. Only this is the modern age, and people have cameras in their pockets ready to catch moments like these;


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Yep. That’s the 2009 Formula One world champion playing bongos in a nightclub.

After a legendary career that lasted 17 years in F1, it’s only right that Button would have a legendary night out to celebrate it all.

Come back soon Jenson, we miss you already.