“I live in the present, and try to get the most out of my car…”

Sarah Merritt popped into the Dragon Racing garage at the Paris EPrix to have a quick chat with Jerome D’Ambrosio, and hear his thoughts on the season so far, and the location.

Great to chat to you ahead of tomorrow’s race day, Jerome. Your thoughts on being in Paris?

“It’s really awesome, the location is great and here at the circuit, they seem to have done every little thing they can.”


It’s been great seeing you on the podium and doing so well. At the beginning of the season, would you have thought this was the way it would be, or has the car surprised you?

“It’s difficult to say when you are at winter testing, we thought we could be top ten, but you never know as the technology is new, the car is new, and so on. But the bottom line is that when we went to Beijing, we realised that potentially we could be on the podium there. We went to Malaysia and we should have been on the podium there too, then with Pole position in Punta del Este, so we then knew we had the possibility to be near the front, but was it a surprise? I don’t go into this season expecting too much. I live in the present and try to get the most out of my car and we see what happens then.”

I think you’ve been quite successful when you’ve been in the Super Pole too?

“I’ve had two times in the Super Pole, and both times I took the pole, so I guess I’m good in that exercise, I like it! Now I would like to improve a little on my first qualifying to make sure that we are in that Super Pole each time.”

Best of luck to Jerome and the Dragon Racing team here in Paris tomorrow!