We all had a mini-celebration in the Sett this week as Badger’s Facebook page tipped over the milestone of 1,000 fans, yay!  If you’re not already, you should become a fan too and here’s why:

Article Plugs

As any long term Badger-reader will know, we have some pretty bonkers features as well as in-depth technical insight and exclusive interviews alongside the grand prix coverage, competitions and the whole other loads of material we produce – by becoming a fan on Facebook, you’ll see the latest articles in your news feed, you know, just to save you having to check more than one site…

Caption Contest Bonanza

Every Friday, we trawl the archives for hilarious images of F1 related folk, past and present that are in need of witty captions, we sometimes offer prizes too, it’s great fun and will make you smile.

Competitions and more

We receive a plethora of emails about new competitions, opportunities and offers for F1 fans, which is great but we can’t feature them all on the main site everyday so we’ll often post competition links on our Facebook page, it’s worth becoming a fan for this reason alone – did you know that Pepe Jeans are offering a tour of the Red Bull factory? No, well head over here and enter now!

Latest News

Formula One, being the global sport that it is has news breaking at all hours of the day and night, but you can be sure that whatever hour it breaks, Badger will be on the case and post a link to the article from one of our trusted sites…


People who read Badger are a pretty friendly, down to earth and fun-loving bunch, and Facebook is a great way to connect with these other folks, maybe make a few new friends, or at least enjoy some banter and arrange to meetup at the next Badger Live GP Event, who knows!?

Fantasy GP

Badger’s massively popular Fantasy GP has a solid presence on our Facebook page during the season, you can exchange tips, work of your strategy and keep abreast of any FantasyGP news, prize announcements and what have you.  You’ll also never forget to make your predictions!

So that’s our top five reasons to become a fan of Badger on Facebook – see you over there soon!