Fantasy GPAfter the two practice rounds of Australia and Malaysia, the points totals will be reset to zero for China and the championship will begin for real.  If you’re already playing, you’ve nothing to worry about, just make sure you’ve got your predictions in before the qualifying starts on Saturday.

If you’re not already playing, then you can sign up anytime up to when qualifying begins.  Simply register with Badger GP, login and then create your team of drivers and cars and submit your predictions for the race.

A feature of our two practice rounds is that everyone has free, unlimited driver and team changes – this continues up until when the game is ‘locked’ when qualifying begins, at which point all players will be credited with 3 free changes for the rest of the year – any additional ones will cost you 15points from your total points accumulated so far (so not to affect that actual race)

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*when we say, last chance it’s not technically your last chance because you can sign up to Fantasy GP at any point during the season, but to maximise your chance of winning you wouldn’t want to miss out on any championship races so get yourself sorted before the qualifying for China and you’ll be on your way.

Don’t forget, prizes are awarded for each Fantasy GP Winner in the form of the Badger GP Trophy Mug (see the video and photos here) with a £100 voucher for the overall champion of Fantasy GP 2012.

Keke Rosberg with the 2012 Badger Mug (no he wasn't allowed to keep it!)