We like post, in fact I reckon everyone loves post – both to receive and to send, so in light of this, here at the Sett (Badger’s HQ) we’ve decided that it would be a great idea to invite you, our lovely readers to send us your letters, to the Badger post box – letters@BadgerGP.com

The idea is simple – we’re sure that there are loads of you out there who have something to get off of your chest, whether it be about a particular driver, team or person in F1 or about the sport in general.  Maybe you’re want to have a rant about something, or maybe have something positive to say about the sport – or BadgerGP.com (!).

Whatever it is, we’d like you to write to us and then, every couple of weeks or so we’ll go through the Badger post bag and publish our favourite letters here on the site and one letter will be awarded the ‘Star Letter’ status – which will receive a sett of Badger Badges – now that’s not bad is it!

Get involved folks, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out and you never know, your comments, opinions and points could be published for others to read and enjoy.

Don’t delay and get an email off to Badger today!  We’ll publish the first ‘Badger’s Post Bag’ article later this month…


or if you like, use the form below:

[contact-form 7 “Your Letters!”]

The 'star letter' will receive a sett of Badger Badges! (leather jacket not included, for illustrative purposes only)