We may only be two races into the 2010 season, but it’s all been a bit too quiet on the political battles, controversial interpretations of the rules and dodgy stewards decisions front.  Sure there have been rumblings of upset over the catchy named F-Duct on the McLaren and the idea that Red Bull have some fancy ride height adjustment malarkey, but not even a sniff of a court room battle… yet.

a dickhead, really? © McLaren Media

On the steward decisions front, F1 proudly confirmed that ex-drivers will be on the panel of stewards at some of the races this year to help hand out penalties or say when a racing incident is just a racing incident.  All seems fine so far – the stewards needn’t have bothered turning up at Bahrain to watch a 200mph traffic jam in the desert and only had to make one call on the Australian Grand Prix.

So, Mark Webber, after rather stupidly losing control and taking out Hamilton with only 2 laps left has been ‘reprimanded’ by the stewards – no penalty, just a metaphorical slapping of the wrist.  Sounds about right doesn’t it?

As for Lewis, well of course we all know about his Friday night shenanigans on the streets of Melbourne with his super-powerful Mercedes car and his Herbie-style driving, but now it has come to light that the 2008 world champion has been branded ‘a dickhead’ by the Minister of Roads for Victoria in Australia.

The “Don’t be a dickhead” road safety campain is a classic Aussie style campaign, but despite it’s light-hearted approach to such campaign titles, the police were pretty hard on Hamilton and Mark Webber has defended him saying that it’s a ‘nanny state’ over there now.

Either way, after Hamilton’s “Lie-Gate” and the BrawnGP “Diffuser-Gate” in 2009 and 2008 Ferrari/McLaren “spy-gate” this latest spat of reprimands and name-calling is a welcome breath of fresh air and Badger’s pleased with the 2010 season so far on this front, long may it continue…

On a side note – rather than fining drivers $5000 for doing something silly such as speeding in the pit lane, how about publicly shaming them by using petty names such as “fool” or “idiot” on their car for the rest of the race – it would have more of an effect than a pocket-sized fine.

Thanks to Parkinsr for the tip off on this story