To say Lewis wasn’t celebrating after grabbing pole position would be an understatement, it’s almost as though he was trying to not to smile – but why?

Lewis looking unhappy with pole - credit:

The photos below show the top three drivers after qualifying, Jenson and Seb having a chat with Lewis barely cracking a smile at all.

Jenson and Seb swap notes, Lewis not smiling - credit:

Nearly a smile when saying well done to Seb

Lewis congratulates Seb on 2nd, a poor attempt at a smile - credit:

Jenson’s happy enough with 3rd, Seb’s chuffed to be on the front row, Lewis looking non-plussed.

The top 3 in qualifying - credit:

And here are some more shots of the post-qualifying photo shoot:

So what do you think folks, is Lewis just not happy, or just thinking that the championship’s is over and it doesn’t matter – or is he making a statement to the media that have been laying into him after a very difficult season?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments!