There’s no F1 this weekend, but the BBC have come up trumps with yet another brilliant bit of programming – “Life in the fast lane” – the Murray Walker documentary, which will be on your screens at 8pm on Sunday evening (June 5th)

Sure, he may not be an F1 driver or have ever run an F1 team, but very few of the sport’s heros share the same legendary status and Murray – all the drivers love him, he was the voice of grand prix racing for pretty much every British-based fan watching at home.  In fact the current commentary line up of Martin Brundle and David Coulthard had a good natter with Murray ahead of beginning their new career – Brundle said that he’s pretty much a grand father figure for him.

This documentary isn’t all about F1, it covers tanks and bikes too, tracing Murray’s amazing life, in the fast lane.  Here’s a sneak preview direct from the BBC:

Did you know that Murray spent some of his early life in the army, driving tanks?  Well he did and at the age of 90, he’s having another go…

Ok so tanks are pretty impressive, but as any Murray fan will know, when he was done with tanks and army service he began what turned out to be a glorious career of commentary – not with four wheels mind, no Murray started out talking about two wheels and here’s some fantastic archive footage:

Classic stuff I sure you’ll agree.  The full documentary is well worth a watch so don’t forget to tune in to BBC2 at 8pm on Sunday – it will be available on iPlayer shortly afterwards too.  We’ll remind you on Facebook and Twitter too!

Many thanks to the BBC for these exclusive clips.