We’re blown away by these from Linear Edge – F1 circuit sculptures, beautifully crafted out of wood look simply awesome.  In fact we like them so much that we got in touch with the founder and creator of them to ask how he came about the concept…


I came up with the idea for Linear Edge when I was looking to buy something motor sports related as a gift to a buddy and realized that for the most part it is posters and replica cars.  I studied architecture and knew a bit about product design so I decided to make sculptures of the different tracks me and my friends love.  Using the combination of Baltic birch with a black laminate front seemed to be the perfect combination because it was striking from a distance and up close.  The thing that alot of people appreciate about these sculptures is their wife/girlfriend has no problem with them.  Most guys are not allowed to hang up posters, or have outgrown them.  The significant others just see these as modern art instead of a boyish fad like a poster.  I’ve been blessed to have a company that allows me to take a passion and my talents and combine them to make something that fellow enthusiasts also can enjoy.

– Russell, Founder of Linear Edge


What do you think of these?  If you like them, you should check out the Linear Edge website here and LIKE them on Facebook too.  Keep an eye on BadgerGP.com too, we’ll be giving one away very soon in a brilliant competition!

In the meantime, get yourself to our Aussie GP bash and you could win one of Albert Park!