Oh hello. What’s all this then? Logic3 have just released a new range of audio products, including these impressive F1-style headphones?

The collection, in collaboration with Ferrari, is headed up by the P200 oversized, on-ear headphones, which we’re sure you’ll agree look great. Indeed, part of the reason they do look so snazzy is because they pay tribute to those worn by the Ferrari F1 team on the pit wall.

Given the high-level of detail and quality Ferrari put into their F1 cars, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with these.  Even the packaging is rather fancy.

As well as being in the classic Ferrari red, the headphones themselves are a solid, metal construction and sound great – proper studio quality.  For those that want some more info check out the Ferrari by Logic3 website. Also, we’d suggest looking them up on Facebook and Twitter @FerrariByLogic3

A sporty design, the P200 over ear headphone follows the inspiration and passion of the Scuderia Ferrari racing team and incorporated design cues from the pits headphones used by the Ferrari F1 team. It features robust machined crafted metal arms and carbon fibre textures to ensure durability and quality, and ultra-soft ear pads constructed from enhanced breathable materials to ensure maximum comfort.

The P200 includes a 50mm driver within an open back design and vented enclosure for ultra-bass. It includes technology suited for all the latest devices; a 3-button (Apple) and 1-button in-line remote for the latest mobile & MP3 devices. All cables provided with the P200 are anti-tangle, detachable and trimmed in finest woven fabric.

Even Fernando and Felipe gave them the thumbs up at Silverstone. Well, they said they were “cool” and made some sort of ‘positive’ hand gesture, but that’s enough for us.

Update: a pair of these P200 headphones will be up for grabs at our 2012 USA and Brazil GP LIVE events!  Get involved and come on down!