Back in 2011 we highlighted the fact that the popular hangover cure (sorry, sports drink) that is Lucozade had begun to adorn the shiny McLaren cars and now, here in 2013 the drinks brand is ramping up it’s involvement with some natty marketing efforts around their involvement with the legendary team.

These videos take us behind the scenes to show how Jenson and Checo are professional athletes with great endurance and the preparation they do to race hard throughout a GP (or at least when allowed to, ahem).  Take a look at the videos below, there’s no mention of how Lucozade is actually involved, it doesn’t appear that the drivers claim to drink it or anything, but hey it’s some insight we wouldn’t otherwise see.

So what do you think?  Here’s another of their efforts – this one is more like a “Work out with Perez” exercise video!

Enjoy them?  Share you thoughts in the comments below – what other brands would you like to see in F1?