Here at Badger, we can’t report every single bit of F1 news, it’s not really our bag – see Autosport for that. We’re more of a magazine, or e-zine if you will and therefore just report for more interesting bits and pieces of news and put more emphasis on our features and opinion pieces…


So how could we possibly not report the news that Lucozade, a brand owned by McLaren’s new partner GlaxoSmithKline (or GSK) will appear on the cars and drivers from Singapore onwards.  On the face of it, it’s not that exciting, but as press releases go, this particular news item caught our eye – see the quotes from Jenson and Lewis below…

– Jenson Button: “As a grand prix driver and an athlete, I completely understand the need to keep my body refreshed and hydrated before, during and after exercise. If you’re pushing yourself to the limit, then your body needs to refuel – and Lucozade products are a great way to achieve that.

“Lucozade will really give the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team the reassurance to tackle the stress and physical strain of races in some of the world’s hottest countries with renewed effort, confidence and dedication.

“I’m really looking forward to working with Lucozade to help them develop their range of fitness and isotonic drinks to cope with the extreme demands of Formula 1.”

And here’s Lewis’ 2 cents on the news:

“I think this partnership with Lucozade will be fantastic for the team. Everyone within our team needs to be fresh and sharp in order to operate at their peak: when you’re working in busy, hot environments and you’re pushing yourself to the limit, it’s vital that you keep yourself healthy and hydrated.

“Hydration in sport is important – and that’s why an isotonic drink such as Lucozade is a natural fit for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.”

Classic stuff we’re sure you’ll agree!

What with Monster, Red Bull and now Lucozade, it could be that the hole left by tobacco sponsorship may soon be filled with energy drinks – what’s next – the Relentless Virgin?