Got a few hundred million quid knocking about? Or perhaps you’ve got the ear of a billionaire who fancies chucking some money at a Formula One team? If so, give Nigel Mansell a ring: the 1992 world champion would love to start his own F1 effort – if someone else is willing to stump up the cash.

“I’d love to if you’ve got the money,” Mansell said in reply to a reader-submitted question in this month’s F1 Racing magazine. “I’d love the op[opportunity and the challenge.”

But Nige admitted the plight of Alain Prost, whose F1 team went under with massive debts in 2001, made him wary of such a venture – and unwilling to risk his own money on it.

“Alain almost went bankrupt doing his own team, but I’ve always had my feet on the ground. If there’s a sponsor out there who’d like to give us the money I’d adore the opportunity to put a team together.

“I think it’s probably more of a challenge now than it ever was, although it’s easier, too. If you have the knowledge, the talent and the motivation , it doesn’t go away.”

So there you are – get your billionaire mates on the phone and tell ‘em to sort Nige out with a bit a capital to launch a grand prix team. So long as he doesn’t let his sons drive the sky’s the limit.