It’s the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend, where F1 returns to the land of the annual night race around the Marina Bay street circuit. In one way or another the previous two Singapore races have been memorable and the ‘magic’ of racing under lights should hopefully make this weekend another great race in the 2010 season.

As ever, Badger’s here with our unique take on the F1 Track Guide, and we owe a massive thanks to Nick “The Quick” Heidfeld for taking some time out of busy schedule to provide the voiceover* this time around.

Badger’s pleased to have the German back on the F1 grid with Sauber, where he’ll be spending the rest of the season after being released from Mercedes for Pirelli tyre testing duties. Of course, we’re also saddened to lose Pedro De La Rosa, who’s once again part of a team as a driver but not racing – he must be one of the best test drivers ever by now..

Anyhow, without further ado, here’s our guide to the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore – the playground this weekend:

Any tips for the podium this weekend folks?

*voiceover is of course Heidfeld ‘inspired’