We of course enjoy Formula 1, but it’s not just the racing, it’s the business, the politics and goings on outside of the race weekends that’s fascinating – the soap opera that is F1 is just brilliant and on that subject we love to be amused by the efforts brands make to link up their products/services to Formula 1.

Following Jenson Button’s creepy appearance in the latest Santander advert, Shell, who one of Ferrari’s longstanding partners have been getting busy with another amusing marketing link up over in Sepang ahead of the Malaysian GP.

Massa making cocktails – yep, that’s right and he’s also looking uneasy wearing a Britney Spears style mic headset too.  Of course, Shell don’t make cocktails, but guess what – the formula used in cocktails of mixing various ingredients and adding additional special bits and pieces is just like their ‘V-Power’ fuel, which is finely tuned and created to ensure your engine runs smoother for longer.  Whatever – we enjoyed the photos of Massa making cocktails!