Woking, Sunday: Fans of McLaren’s F1 team have hit out at press reporting of the recent coverage of the Renault race-fixing controvery, insisting that it is not sufficiently biased against Fernando Alonso.

Balanced: Renault driver Fernando Alonso
Balanced: Renault driver Fernando Alonso

The heyday of the McLaren-oriented media came in 2007, when Alonso was regularly accused of backstabbing his team, kidnapping kittens and eating babies in the British media, as his fallout with teammate Lewis Hamilton became very public. Since then, however, Alonso’s move to Renault has left him out of the limelight, and McLaren fans have become worried that recent reports about alleged skullduggery at Renault have not been sufficiently blown out of all proportion.

“There has been far too much emphasis on the facts of the case and not enough meaningless speculation about how Alonso is completely to blame,” one McLaren fan insisted. “We don’t want evidence, we don’t want justice, we just want to hear about how the world’s most evil man is sitting in the cockpit of his Renault twirling his eyebrows.

“If this was Lewis Hamilton we were talking about,” the fan continued, but the rest of his comment was not picked up as our reporter had fallen asleep.

McLaren fans have reportedly already petitioned leading F1 websites to publish stories about how Nelson Piquet was sacked by Renault for “not being able to crash properly when Fernando asked him to,” and asked top F1 journalists to call for Alonso’s immediate sacking on the grounds of “being a talented Spaniard without due care and attention.”

“This blatant balance in F1 reporting has got to stop,” the fan said after our reporter had awoken from his coma. “It’s got to the stage where we are seriously considering consulting Planet-F1 for our news; its transparent prejudice is exactly of the standard that should be set by all leading F1 media.”

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