Woking, Friday: Some fans of Formula One team McLaren have reported being increasingly shunned and marginalised by society in response to their controversial belief of “Spygate denial,” which holds that the espionage scandal for which McLaren were punished in 2007 never happened, or at least not to the extent that is widely reported.

F1 sources say that huge numbers of documents and graphics relating to the design of the 2007 Ferrari, as well as an on-demand flow of confidential insider information from the team, were supplied to key McLaren officials by then Ferrari figure Nigel Stepney. McLaren were eventually fined $100 million and excluded from the Constructors’ championship in the wake of the scandal.

Thief: Spygate mastermind Nigel Stepney
Thief: Spygate mastermind Nigel Stepney

However, some McLaren fans have persistently suggested that the actual espionage was limited to “a few documents here and there,” was the work of a few errant individuals and did not have the authorisation of McLaren team boss Ron Dennis.

Such remarks have caused outrage in the world of Ferrari fans and sympathisers, with members of the Ferrari Supporters’ Association calling for “Spygate denial” to be made illegal in all F1 circles.

Reginald Scrotum, Conservative MP for the Cotswold constituency of Bigotry & Shouting, referred to the emerging belief in Spygate denial as “sickening” and accused proponents of “defiling the significance of those documents stolen during the espionage.”

However, a prominent McLaren supporter and self-proclaimed Spygate denier, who asked to remain anonymous “for fear of ridicule from brainwashed Ferrari fans,” told The Runoff Area that “on the basis of the evidence available, the only balanced and unbiased conclusion is that Spygate was not as widespread as the Ferrari media mafia would have you believe. A few documents were taken, that’s true, but to paint it as a systematic theft of Ferrari’s intellectual property is both misleading and unfair.” How he managed to speak in bold type has yet to be convincingly explained.

McLaren bosses have consistently expressed a desire to “move on” from the unpleasantness of Spygate, though rumours of a complete ban on expressing views related to Spygate denial within Woking are unconfirmed.