McLaren-Honda has revealed a new, striking purple livery, which it will run from next weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix.

The second change to the team’s colours – the MCL32 had returned to McLaren’s traditional orange colours for pre-season testing and last weekend’s season opener in Melbourne – comes after McLaren signed a new sponsorship deal with confectionary giant Cadbury.

A statement announcing the partnership and livery update explained that Cadbury is hoping to “take advantage of the sport’s global footprint to promote its unique snacks, treats, and products”.

Speaking about the new deal, McLaren’s executive director, Zak Brown, said: “There have been a few Wispas that we have been working on a new sponsorship deal, and we’re delighted to now confirm Cadbury as our new title sponsor.”

“We had been speaking with a few potential sponsors but we called Timeout on those negotiations a while ago. It’s been a Rocky Road for the team since pre-season testing, but we’re confident that this new deal will give the whole team a Boost.”

“Changing the colour of our cars is an indication of the strength of this new partnership and a real statement of intent from Cadbury as they begin their relationship with the sport of Formula One.”

Cadbury’s head of confectionary, William Wonka, outlined his company’s reasons for entering F1 as a team sponsor.

He said: “The collaboration with McLaren-Honda is an important part of our brand-globalisation strategy and will dynamically increase awareness of our chocolate based goodies around the world.

“We share with Formula 1 – the premier league of motor sport – the passion we show every day in trying to achieve the best possible standards for our recipes of chocolate, enabling us to meet the demanding requirements for quality, health, safety and hygiene and drive the development of new technologies.”

With the Bahrain Grand Prix falling on Easter weekend for Europe this season, it’s rumoured that a special, one-off Creme Egg livery would make an appearance, being declared a “smashing opportunity” to bring Easter Eggs and Formula 1 together.

Fernando Alonso, McLaren-Honda race driver:

“It’s a Dream to have such a large, multinational brand alongside McLaren-Honda. 2017 hasn’t been a Picnic for me, so far, but I’m looking forward to giving the new scheme a Twirl in China. As long as the power unit doesn’t Fudge up, of course.”

Jonathan Neale, Chief Operating Officer, McLaren Technology Group: 

“Formula 1 has always had innovations like the Double Decker diffuser, F-Duct, and Coanda Exhaust. But with our new partnership with Cadbury, we feel we may have established the best one yet. These can be key in attracting big drivers – the Buttons, Alonsos and Vandoornes of the world – and because of our strategic manoeuvres, we now have a Dream line up. We are always keeping an ear out for Wispas around the sport, and it is no secret that we endured a tricky winter testing programme. But as our partnerships grow, so does our confidence, and all these worries start to Flake away. Stoffel Vandoorne, our race driver for 2017, is very excited over the deal, and feels it could improve the team’s, and by extension his, standing in the sport. Not long after he was Bourne, Ville-neuve entered the sport, and he is aiming to be just as successful as Jacques was. Within a few years, we expect him to be World Chompion.”

Jenson Button, McLaren Brand Ambassador added:

“Mmmph grrpmhh, grrpmmph argmmph” *chews loudly*

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What a shame this was just a bit of fun for April Fools Day – that new livery looks sweet.