Going to a grand prix is a must for any F1 fan – it’s where you’ll truly understand the sheer noise, speed and thrill of Formula One.  It may not be super cheap – but it’s doable on a budget and well worth it, if only for the atmosphere.

If like Badger, you’re UK based, the British GP is a cinch to go to, you can camp next to the track with loads of other fans and if don’t mind sitting on the grass, it’s not too pricey to make a week of it.  Further, the Italian GP is a bargain and the Turkish… but more on those another time, because right now we’re talking about Canada – or rather F1 fan Jade and her F1-themed holiday.

After the Turkish GP, we’ll be posting diary entries from Jade and her quest to the Canadian Grand Prix at the famous Gilles Villeneuve Circuit – arguably one of the most anticipated of the 2010 season.  Here’s a little intro from our traveling F1 fan:

Hello there! F1 fan and frequent twitterer Jade here, otherwise known as @LookingSpiffy. I follow F1 in a way that could be described as ‘a bit full-on’, along with other motorsports such as GP2, NASCAR, MotoGP and the British and World Touring Car Championships. It’s not all motorsport all the time, though – I’m an anime fan and I do a bit of illustration when the mood strikes, plus rock music occupies most of my music collection. In fact I ended up watching the 2008 European Grand Prix on a portable TV in a tent at Reading Festival…

I used to watch F1 in the mid-nineties at my grandparents’ house – I don’t remember supporting anyone in particular, but I do remember Damon Hill and the Williams cars best; partially because of the giant Rothmans umbrella, ‘obtained’ from a pub, which occupied my grandparents’ garden around that time! My interest faded for various reasons until early 2007, and upon rediscovering the sport I very quickly became an avid Felipe Massa fan. Since then the little Brazilian has brought me joy and heartbreak in equal measure, particularly last year – whilst his accident on the 25th of July last year meant my birthday was spent refreshing news websites, desperately hoping for good news, following each step of his remarkable recovery has been hugely gratifying and I’m immeasurably proud of him.

The reason I’m here occupying part of Badger’s interweb based sett is a forthcoming diary feature, which will be coming to you live and direct from Montreal for the 2010 Canadian Grand Prix. I’ll be occupying myself with as many F1-based activities as possible in my two weeks abroad, including checking out Crescent Street, where the Canadian GP Festival will be held, as well as the F1 Emporium and Jacques Villeneuve’s club and restaurant, Newtown. There will be an attempt to visit the Gilles Villeneuve Museum in Berthierville, plus I hope to attend the Montreal edition of An Audience with Joe, an evening of chat with F1 journalist and good egg Joe Saward, possibly meet up for a drink with globetrotting Alex Snell…oh, and there’s the race as well. Might find the time to fit that in.

The 2010 Canadian Grand Prix will be my third grand prix, following Catalunya in 2008 and Monza in 2009. The latter produced some of the best moments of my life so far, including jokingly being offered a lift from Monza by a van full of members of the Ferrari team, meeting – and being utterly starstruck by – Rob Smedley as he returned from his track walk, and running hell for leather from the start/finish line to celebrate Rubens Barrichello’s win with the cluster of Brazilians near the podium. Not ashamed to say that I got rather emotional as I stood leaning against the armco watching the crowds begin to disperse. We’ll soon see how Montreal measures up to that experience!

So that’s me. If any Canucks out there feel I’ve missed something in my travel plans, F1 related or not, please do let me know. Until then, catch me on Twitter (warning: may contain swears).

Yep that is Rob Smedley... honest!

Look out for diary entries over the next few weeks charting Jade’s quest for an F1 packed holiday – think TV’s “Wish You Were Here” but without Judith Chalmers and more about F1… but not on TV.

So, that’s Jade – any tips out there for her – if you’ve been to the Canadian GP, how did you get on – tell us all in the comments below…

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