Merry Christmas to each and every one of our lovely readers, from all of us at Badger GP.  We hope you’re all enjoying your Christmas Day and we’d like to thank you all for coming back and reading our articles time and time again.

2010 has been a splendid year for Badger and we’re planning on building on this for next year and beyond, but we’re fully aware we wouldn’t be anywhere without you all, so join us and raise a glass to the Badger.

Merry Christmas!

In Brief – Our 2010 Advent Calendar:

For the month of December, as well as having some chocolate to enjoy every day, we’ve been publishing some random, insightful and some just plain fun articles in our own advent calendar, here in brief you can see what we got up to and catch up on any you missed!

Day 1 saw us defending Jonathan Legard, who since then has been all-but confirmed as leaving his commentating role with the BBC for 2011, all the best for the future sir.  Day 2 was when we reviewed the quite brilliant GP2 season, yep there is other racing besides F1!  By day 3 we were looking at some ice racing featuring Alain Prost and on day 4 we launched a McLaren giveaway, which David Mitchell (no, not that one) won – well done that man!

Days 5, 6 and 7 we answered some questions such as What’s Kimi up toWhy is Badger called Badger and the idea of betting on 2011 in 2010… Day 8 was Jim Clark‘s day, celebrating his 8yrs of racing and then day 9, 10 and 11 looked at the youngest ever F1 champions.

Our regular Hot Rod or Hot Dog feature had a review of 2010 on day 12, before day 13 where we looked at the number 13 in F1 – and my is it fascinating!  By day 14, our attention turned to Twitter and how it’s been a superb addition to F1 coverage in 2010 – read it and find out how you can get involved.

Red Bull were our focus for day 15, what with their impressive 15 pole positions, we had to make a big deal of it!  Day 16 saw McLaren back on the scene with us looking at the man behind the name – his first name is Bruce! On day 17 we chose our driver of 2010 – if you missed it, read it here.   Renault, as well as having a great team in 2010 also powered Red Bull to championship glory, but where did the name come from – a chap called Louis – and Badger had the full lowdown on day 18.

For day 19, it couldn’t be anyone but Rubens Barrichello – 2011 will his 19th year on the grid in F1, blimey! Day 20 came along and what better than looking forward to 20 races in 2011 and just how exciting 2011 will be – believe it or not, Sakon Yamamoto was the star of Badger for December 21st – and for a very solid reason, to find out why you’ll have to read this: 3×7 = 21 (curious?)

Badger got in on the inside of Red Bull during the advent period and for day 22, brought you the report on being inside the championship winning team.  For day 23, we debated who should replace Jonathan Legard at the BBC, giving you a chance to vote on it too, and then for day 24 – Christmas eve, we brought you a Christmas present in the form of a fantastic article looking at the 2010 season in numbers – enjoy it now if you haven’t already…

All the best for 2011 folks!

Until the new year, here at Badger we’re taking a short, well-earned (by our reckoning) break to enjoy the festivities, watch Christmas TV and take it easy for a few days.

Here’s to a great 2011 for each and every one you and here’s to another badger-tastic 2011 F1 season!


Adam Milleneuve – Editor

on behalf of the team; Jimmy Von Weeks, Riccardo Monza, Tessa Tarossa, Benson Jammichello, Graham Moggipaldi, Ant Hotwheels and everyone else who’s helped out over the last 12 months…