The good week / bad week grand prix (fun) news review

Badger’s weekly news review is a tad bitesize this week with our regular columnist otherwise engaged and t’interweb less, but we have brought you Buemi in his boxer shorts so it’s not all bad

Podium – Toro Rosso PR  / Sebastien Buemi

The Red Bull teams are well known for their fun and light-hearted style press releases and other such usually stale and corporate malarkey, but this week they’ve gone all out and made Sebastien Buemi a sex symbol.

Whether he lost a bet of did something to upset his boss we don’t know, but here his in Toro Rosso’s Chinese grand prix preview press release, complete with Red Bull branded boxer shorts.

Pits – BBC / Podium – Eddie Jordan

Poor Eddie – here at Badger, we’re big fans of Irish ex-teamowner turned F1 pundit.  His alternative and no-fear approach to questioning the big cheeses in F1 as well as his outspoken opinions on the races are classic and do loads for BBC’s coverage – superb work.

However, for the Malaysian GP coverage, we felt for him and his light-blue shirt in the high humidity, minutes into the coverage and everyone at home could see just how hot it was in Malaysia, yet he carried on regardless – ever the professional.  As for the BBC, well their crew are in the pits this week because they had plenty of opportunities to give the man a new shirt as the camera cut away, but no for what seemed like hours he was left on global TV looking a little uncomfortable, just as we, the viewers were.  After 30mins the BBC gave him a jacket – a jacket!!  In that heat, poor Eddie.  Shame on you auntie BBC!

Podium – Mercedes GP Teamwear

Produced and sold by Henri Lloyd, the Mercedes GP teamwear is some of the smartest on offer.  They won’t fleece you for millions of pounds for a, err, fleece – instead the teamwear is tasteful and rather good.  What’s more the folk at Henri Lloyd have recently added some new items, so if you’re a Schumacher or a Rosberg fan get on to their online store to view the items (follow them on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook for more updates)

So what else do you think should be on the podium or in the pits this week?

Let us know using the comments below who you think should be on the podium or in the pit this week?  Maybe something to do with: Petrov’s been told to lose weight to keep up with Kubica, Lewis and Jenson are banging on about how great their car is while Fernando Alonso has told Red Bull that they were lucky to get their Malaysian 1-2 finish.  Peter Sauber is scratching his head wondering what happened to the pace his car showed in pre-season testing…