In case you couldn’t tell, I have a little thing for comedy panel shows at the moment and the way-too-serious stories in F1 media are a really easy target. Plus it’s the same repetitive headlines week after week: Mercedes rule all, Niki loves Lewis, Ferrari loves Seb, Red Bull loves no one anymore so it files for divorce and let’s see whose turn it is in Bankruptcy Roulette.

Therefore, I thought I’d give a helping hand with some alternative titles to those poor editors who are running out of adjectives for Lewis’ performance and metaphors for Pastor’s bad luck. And it’s literally just adapted titles of news over the past week: some of it is funny, some of it sarcastic and some brutally honest.

If the look is familiar it’s because the format and photos are from, whose news page is much more pleasant to browse than Autosport. I only did the words thingy. But I hope this gets you up to date with the state of affairs before the ItalianGP.

And that’s it for tonight, see you next week! Maybe.

mock-01 mock-02 mock-03 mock-04 mock-05