As you may have learnt from Badger’s Twitter and Facebook, we are reporting live from Monza for this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix.

So far today we have seen that from practice that it’s impossible to tell who’s on form for pole position with Button leading the first session and Vettel stealing Ferrari’s glory in the second session.

From a technical point of view, it’s interesting to see that McLaren are running with a high downforce setup, interesting because Monza is traditionally where all cars run their “skinny” wings to ensure maximum top speed – what with Monza being the track where most of lap is spent with the drivers keeping their right foot planted on the floor.

Of course McLaren are the pioneers of the F-Duct which will no doubt come into it’s own over the flat out laps of Monza, but running a wing that’s not so “skinny” will effect fuel consumption – just another twist in tale in the preparation for Monza.

We will have to see what happens in practice on Saturday morning, but as with the rest of the races in 2010, qualifying should be thrilling and the odds are against Red Bull adding to their tally of poles more than at any other grand prix so far.

Badger is currently enjoying the atmosphere and anticipation of a great grand prix, here in the centre of Milan where everyone appears to have just come out of a Vogue photo shoot.  Tomorrow we’re off to drive cars quickly around a race circuit to see how Shell fuels really make a difference to Ferrari’s championship campaign – and what’s more, Badger will also be enlightening you all into the menu at the Ferrari motorhome where we’ll having dinner with the people responsible for driving the tifosi wild (or not) come Sunday afternoon.