Monza, the home of the Italian Grand Prix and also home to the tifosi – the fans that are not shy to show their support of the prancing horse and all it stands for.  So far in 2010, Ferrari have had a bit of a topsy-turvey season, kicking off in Bahrain with a 1-2, followed by some non-events before another 1-2 (or should that have been a 2-1) and a team-orders outrage from fans across the globe.

Their lead driver, Fernando Alonso still has a very good shot at getting his third drivers world championship, but this grand prix will be crucial for him to make an impression on the slight lead that Hamilton and Webber have over the rest in the tables.  Another result like he had in Belgium and it could easily be game over for 2010 (not mathematically, but feasibly anyhow)

So what does this track consist of – well it’s pretty much flat out, except for a few chicanes to slow the cars down, other than them it’s quick corners and quick straights and all the cars will have their lowest down-force setups of the season onboard and probably not many hands on the steering wheels with F-ducts expected to play a big part in this northern Italian playground.

As ever, Badger’s here with your ever so handy track guide so you know what the drivers will be doing at each corner and what they have to contend with to grab pole and victory this Sunday.