Winter testing is a strange one – the times don’t mean a great deal, at this early stage at least and there’s no sense of competition – naturally, this is testing. Yes fans are all over it, and rightly so – simply because we want to get to know as much about these new cars with their funny noses and see what the season has in store.

Testing isn’t covered on television – which isn’t a bad thing, it wouldn’t work, there isn’t a great deal to see.  If you’re trackside it’s different – you get loads more access than you would at an F1 weekend and can get closer to the action too.  Fortunately, Sky are doing a daily report every evening at 9pm, followed by Ted’s notebook 9.15pm.  Worth watching.

To make you feel more like you’re there in Jerez, here are some more stunning photographs, taken trackside by Shivraj Gohil, follow him on Twitter too @ShivyF1.  You can watch Ted’s notebook from Day 2 in Jerez below too.