Formula 1 2014 got underway this morning with Lewis Hamilton doing a warm up lap in his new V6 Turbo Merecedes AMG car.  But before that, a whole host of new cars were revealed in the pit lane.  Force India, Red Bull and Mercedes all showed their hand, with Caterham coming later in the day and Marussia later in the week.

So first up, we have to look at the 2014 Championship Winning car – well maybe.  One thing is for sure, Red Bull have been very clever with the paint job, the car actually looks ok with the funny pointy nose.  Well done.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 07.53.09 Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 07.52.15


Mercedes revealed their W05 car and may have scooped the ‘best worst looking car’ award already with a great interpretation of the rules around the nose and a few subtle tweaks to the livery – it looks classy, good work.  First out on track too, good start.



And finally for this morning, here’s the new Sahara Force India.  We like the new livery, the black works well.  But it also works well when photographed under certain lighting conditions to make it look a little prettier than it actually is.  That nose is a shocker.  I’m glad they painted it black.  At least it will look good in Singapore…