Here at Badger we aim to have a variety of types and styles of article – as long as they are original, creative, fun, entertaining and informative it’s all good. And at this time of year, we like to look back over the last 12 months to see which of our pieces has been the most popular. And so, here’s our Top 10 of 2017:

10th: Allan McNish chats to Badger

In at 10, the final points paying position is our interview with Allan McNish. A three-time Le Mans winner with Audi, a former F1 race driver with Toyota, and test driver at McLaren during the Prost and Senna years. Allan McNish has experienced a lot in motorsport, and has a lot to say about the current era of Formula One. He shares some of those views with Badger’s Rob Watts, and explains how Toyota got it wrong when they entered F1 back in 2002. – Read the full interview feature here.

9th: Zak Brown to get McLaren on top

At 9 we have our pre-season interview with boss of McLaren. Sarah Merritt was privileged to have the chance to speak to McLaren Executive Director, Zak Brown, and hear about his new role at McLaren amongst his others, and a few hints on the livery of the soon to be launched MP4-32. Read the full interview feature here.

8th: Top 10 Orange Cars

10 orange cars – ahead of the 2017 season the rumours were flying around about the McLaren livery going back to orange and the new man in charge (Zak Brown, see interview above) made it happen. This also gave us the excuse to put together our list of orange colour F1 cars, because why the heck not! It was a popular piece too! See the full list here.

De La Rosa in the MP4-21 – Photo from Getty Images

7th: Lewis Hamilton has no boxes unticked

In at 7 is Lewis Hamilton and quite fittingly a run down of a press conference Mercedes had at testing where the now four time champion was brimming with confidence ahead of the season. He was right to be and this positive outlook got his legions of fans very excited! Read the full feature here.

6th: 10 things Lewis would like you to forget

Lewis Hamilton is back again at number six with our light-hearted look at his all-time career low points. This article got a lot of attention across social media, people loved it, hated it while others were appalled. It’s all good, the majority realise this is an example of us having some fun and it was pleasing to see the attention and passion it drew! Check out the 10 things here.

5th: Guy Martin joins Williams

This is a freak entry at number 5 – a short piece about the exciting news that Guy Martin was to be a member of Williams pit crew. We are inundated with press releases across the season, but this one from Williams struck a chord and we had to share the news, which was then picked up by Google as the number 1 result for anyone searching for Guy Martin, for about a week. Thanks big G! Read the short update here.

Guy Martin training with the Williams Martini Racing Formula One pit crew at their headquarters

4th: Johnny Herbert talks to Badger

Just shy of a podium position is this great exclusive with Johnny Herbert where Rob Watts talks to him about the Rosberg announcement where he explains why he would have acted similarly to Nico Rosberg, and why he sees some similarities with his own battle to beat Michael Schumacher in the mid-nineties. Read the full exclusive here.

3rd: Why Max Verstappen is F1’s most feared driver

If you want hits to your F1 website, write some news about Max Verstappen – it’s a trick that’s been used across 2017, but here at Badger GP, it’s about quality not quantity and this rounded opinion piece on the young-superstar-multiple-champion-in-the-making was one of our most read pieces. Read the full article here.

Max Verstappen
Image Credit: Octane Photographic

2nd: Motorsport Manager 2

Somewhat bizarrely, in at number 2, the first of the losers is our in-depth feature on the new Motorsport Manager game. Craig Norman gave fans great insight into the sequel of everyone’s favourite game and it looks like everyone read it, twice. If you missed out, read it here and instal the game!

1st: McLaren switch to purple

In at number 1, claiming the much coveted “most popular article” award for 2017 is our ‘feature’ on the new McLaren livery switching to purple with sponsorship from Cadbury. Yes, that’s right. And of course it was published on April 1st. The idea, article and images was a group effort across the team at Badger and it is probably our most read article in the 9 years of Badger GP existing. Thanks everyone, read and enjoy it again here.