Paris, Wednesday: Rejected Formula One applicants N.Technology have insisted that they will be on the F1 grid in 2010, after resubmitting their application to the FIA and asking that the entry criteria be reviewed.

Sour: F1 hopefuls N.Technology
Sour: F1 hopefuls N.Technology

Since F1’s entry list for 2010 was announced, N.Technology have been questioning the way in which the entries were decided, claiming that the decision to leave out big names like Lola and Prodrive, while permitting the entry of relative unknowns Campos and Manor Motorsport, was politically motivated.

“With this in mind, we have constructed the perfect application and wish the FIA to reconsider their decision to leave us off the 2010 entry list. We now have an engine supply and a guaranteed source of funding from a major sponsor.”

That sponsor, Sour Grapes Inc., is said to “embody the spirit and vigour with which we approach our application to the sport.”

Sour Grapes Inc. has a long history in Formula One, having most recently been involved with McLaren in 2007 after they inexplicably lost the drivers’ championship at a late stage in the season, blaming the FIA for destabilising the team. Before that they had personally sponsored Nigel Mansell throughout his F1 career.

“Sour Grapes Inc. is very proud to announce its new association with N.Technology,” brand ambassador Jackie Stewart told reporters. “We only hope that the FIA can see sense and allow this well-funded and established team to compete in Formula One next year. Otherwise we might run off and start our own series. Then we’ll see how the FIA like that!”

The FIA, however, were sceptical about N.Technology’s apparent renewed enthusiasm to join Formula One: “Unfortunately it’s a bit late now,” Max Mosley said in a statement today. “Also we’re a bit concerned about their mentality so far. First they applied, then they withdrew, then they threw a tantrum, and now they’re applying again. It’s been a bit like dealing with Flavio Briatore.”