Sao Paulo, Monday: A panicked Kazuki Nakajima has asked F1 fans to help him find his racing gloves, which he apparently mislaid after this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos.

Worried: Glove-loser Kazuki Nakajima
Worried: Glove-loser Kazuki Nakajima

The Williams driver attempted to recruit the assistance of the world’s Formula One audience via his Twitter feed, where he explained that his gloves had gone missing, and he couldn’t remember where he’d last seen them. Nakajima encouraged the world to suggest where he might have left them.

Fans were initially suspicious that this was a publicity stunt – Williams sponsors Phillips launched an unconvincing Twitter feed in Nico Rosberg’s name in the run-up to the Brazilian race, claiming that the German had lost his helmet and required the help of Brazilian fans to find it. This was, of course, merely a marketing campaign, with the competition’s winner being awarded paddock passes to Interlagos.

Nakajima, however, insists that this is not the case with his gloves: “Seriously, guys,” he tweeted yesterday evening, “They’ve actually gone missing. Patrick’s going to kill me.”

Already helpful suggestions have led the Japanese driver to look down the back of his hotel bed, amongst piles of tyres in the Interlagos paddock and even to angrily accost McLaren mechanics, accusing them of stealing and photocopying his gloves in order to gain confidential information about the operation of the Williams team.

Nakajima is said to be offering a reward of two Abu Dhabi grandstand tickets for the safe return of the gloves, but reiterated that this is not a publicity stunt: “Pretty soon I’m going to have to get back in that car. If I haven’t got my gloves back by then, I’m just going to have to paint my hands blue and white, and hope for the best.”