Piquet has kept up his training while hiding away from Flavio...

It’s no surprise to hear that Nelson Piquet Jr will indeed not be making a return to the F1 paddock in 2010.  The young, troubled F1 rookie has confirmed via his personal website today that he is to head across the pond and drive quickly in circles with the NASCAR championship.  His personal statement in full:

Hi everyone

I wanted to let you know what I will be doing next year! I haven’t always been able to let you guys, my fans, know first so this time I am happy that I can do that.

I have spent the last few months carefully evaluating my options for this year. I had to choose a path and it was a difficult decision to make. Being successful in Formula 1 was always my goal but I have learnt that happiness is just as important as ambition and after my first 18 months in F1 did not go as planned I have decided to focus on something different and have chosen to take a route in America.

NASCAR is hugely challenging and nobody has ever come in as an outsider before and gone on to win it – it will be the ultimate challenge. I will let you know more details on the exact programme soon.

This will be an awesome new challenge for me, and a healthy one. I have always been open to new challenges and I will be putting everything I have into this. I have found a good group of people that are really willing to help me in my career and I am grateful that they are there for me. I think it will be a positive environment and a good life experience. I am sure this year is going to be fantastic and I am very excited at the prospect of my future.

I will miss Europe and all the friends I have there but I will always have my successes there to be proud of. I want to take this opportunity to thank every single person that has supported me in my career so far in Europe, especially my team in GP2 and the guys at Renault – I am missing you guys a lot! I am sure I’ll still do some racing in Europe as I have a lot of ambitions in my life, one of which has always been to win the Le Mans 24 Hours.

I want to wish everyone a happy New Year. Let’s bring on 2010!

Nelson Piquet

So there we have it – Flavio and Pat Symonds got off the ‘crashgate’ scandal scot free, bar a black mark on their reputation and Nelson Piquet has run off to race in America, where stereotypically they haven’t heard of F1 and therefore may not be fully aware of just how much trouble this youngster was involved with in the sport.  Hmm…. some Piquet critics will say that NASCAR is a great move for Piquet because they don’t have gravel traps to fall off into.  Here at the Badger Sett, we all wish Mr Piquet Jr all the best.  If you would like to follow his progress, get on Twitter and literally follow his tweets here.