The 2014 season is upon us!  Yes the first Grand Prix isn’t for another 50-ish days, but with winter testing due to start next week, cars and liveries are being revealed daily.  This is the opening episode, where the characters are introduced for the forth coming soap opera season.

So here on one page, are all the new cars as they are revealed.  For the full list of launch dates, go here.

On Monday, ahead of the 4 days testing at Jerez, Toro Rosso unveiled the STR9 and it’s rather NOSEY too.  Oh dear, this is going to take some getting used to.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 17.36.07Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 17.36.53On an otherwise quiet Sunday, Sauber unveiled their 2014 car, the C33 – featuring a similar livery, and from this angle at least, an attractive front nose – relatively at least…


Hot on the heels of Lotus and McLaren, Ferrari revealed the F14-T (aka FIAT) on 25th January.  The colour isn’t surprising, but the nose, oh my…

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 13.30.48 Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 13.30.42 Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 13.30.34 Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 13.30.26 Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 13.30.20 Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 13.30.13

Out of nowhere, on the same day as McLaren’s big launch, Lotus have revealed an image of their new car too – the E22.  Looks similar livery wise, but they’ve avoided the painful pointer, anteater-like nose – YAY!



McLaren have launched their new motor with a slightly more flashy online launch, the first of the top teams to break cover with the MP4-29 – a car that has a lot of pressure to perform for the team and turn around their recent decline in results.  It’s very silver, that’s for sure.  Hope the new Merc has plenty of other colours on it…

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 08.54.45

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 08.54.21

new mclaren 2014

Williams joined the party on January 23rd with some rushed computer generated images of the new car, in the testing livery – which is normal for Williams – they test in a lovely plain dark blue livery and then ruin it with sponsor logos.  They did produce images of the nose too, so we can all see just how odd these cars are going to look.


Force India were first out with a single image of their 2014 car, mainly to show off their new livery, which maintains the patriotic nod to the Indian flag, but swaps the predominantly white base for a black one.  It looks meaner, and also looks a bit 90s tracksuit – if only the the green and orange was more neon.


With yet more tweaks to the regulations around car design, new engines (or power units as they are now known?!), 2014 is set to shake up the pecking order in Formula 1, potentially at least.  One of the best things about new regs and engines is that we’re likely to see an increase in car failures while engineers find the limits, aka what grand prix racing is all about.  Bring it on.

Images via Williams F1 Media, Sahara Force India Media, McLaren F1 Media